De fraaiste opname van Madrigaal: "My Bonnie Lass She Smelleth" from "The Triumph of Thusnelda" staat zonder twijfel op de Vanguarddubbelelpee VSD-719/20 "The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach", maar ook deze uitvoering mag er zijn.
Dit is de tekst:

" My bonnie lass she smelleth
Making the flowers jealouth.
Fa la la
My bonnie lass she looketh like a jewel
And soundeth like a mule.
My bonnie lass she walketh like a doe
And talketh like a crow.
Fa la la
My bonnie lass liketh to dance a lot
She's a Guinevere and I'm Sir Lancelot
Fa la la
My bonnie lass I need not flatter;
What she doth not have doth not matter.
Oo la la
My bonnie lass would be nice
Yea, even at twice the price.
Fa la la.